About Us

Welcome to Aus Wild!

Here at Aus Wild Clothing Co, we produce the perfect range of clothing for our community that suits our wild Aussie terrain perfectly.

We strive to produce hard wearing, durable clothing, that won't wear out after 2 days in the bush, but that's stylish enough that you don't look like you've been stranded there for 7 years.

We want it to be comfortable enough to lounge around the house in, hike your nearest mountain, catch the biggest fish of the day, or to wear for a night at the pub with your best mates.

We're avid about giving back to our community, and have taken part in several fundraisers with donations made to not-for-profit services; including:

- Over $2500 to the McGrath Foundation for Breast Cancer Research via our Check Ya Tit Caps

- Over $280 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia through our Check Ya Prostate Caps

- Over $600 through various other giveaways and raffles donating to Beyond Blue, Lifeline, and Headspace Australia.


Thanks so much for coming to  join us and support our journey!

Can't wait to see you rocking your AWCC gear while you live life to it's fullest!


- Bel, x

    Owner & Founder